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COVID-19: Update From Our Office, IPO, Courts

With more and more cases of COVID-19 now reported every day in Europe in almost every country, our office as well as the IPO, courts and related authorities in Kosovo are taking measures to adapt to the situation caused by the pandemic.

SDP KOSOVË continues to operate without interruption with our staff working remotely. We are able to log into the firm’s database via the Internet, which enables us to get the work done without unnecessary delays.

The Kosovo IPO has so far not postponed any deadlines. The IPO is however working with reduced staff, which is why we cannot obtain filing receipts on the same day. The IPO has not yet switched to electronic filing.

Kosovo Customs has switched to electronic filing and has not postponed any deadlines.

The courts have cancelled all hearings except those of urgent nature. All court deadlines have also been cancelled, and there will be no consequences for failure to take procedural actions. Lawsuits and other motions can still be filed.

Because scanned copies of documents are sufficient in most filings, we advise clients to send original documents to our office only if necessary, and via DHL only.  For instance, we do not need original PoA forms and for most other actions a scanned copy will suffice.

In case of any queries, please contact Head of Office Kujtesa Nezaj-Shehu at kujtesa.nezaj@sdpkosove.com or +383 44 434 053. 

We are carefully monitoring the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak and will keep clients informed in case of any changes. For now, we are ready to continue providing the diligent and timely service we are known for.